My Phone

My Phone is the tool you need to change your mobile phone experience for the better.

My Phone is the tool you need to change your mobile phone experience for the better.

With My Phone, you can: 

  1. Make voice calls both locally and internationally. 
  2. Send local and international SMS 
  3. Use Data to access the mobile internet
  4. Check your airtime balance
  5. Buy and check data bundles
  6. Top up airtime on your Equitel line or any other phone including other networks
  7. Contact our customer care

Great news! Your  phone is now your bank! As a customer of Equity Bank, you might have previously used our Eazzy 247 to bank on your mobile. Now we have gone one step further and come up with something even better. We call it Equitel, and it gives you access to mobile banking and more! You can use this to make phone calls, send text messages, and even surf the net.

Equitel lets you communicate with other Equity members at discounted rates as well as access your Equity Bank Account right on your mobile phone. Visit any Equity branch or agent and register for Equitel today!

Join Equitel today by visiting your nearest Equity Bank branch or any Equity Agent to pick up your SIM card.  We are more than happy to guide you through the process.

If you are not an Equity Bank customer, you can still get an Equitel line by opening an Equity Bank account instantly. 

Just dial *247# and follow the easy steps. 

Linking your SIM to your bank account

On registration, your Equitel SIM automatically will be linked to your bank account.

However, if you have not linked your Equitel  SIM card at the Equity bank branch or agent, and you are already a member who is using Eazzy247, you can use your existing line to activate mobile banking on your Equitel line, with the following simple steps:

  1. On your existing line, dial *247#. Enter your PIN and Select option 10 (more), then option 7 (Link Equitel). You will receive a notification with the message “Link Equitel to Mobile Banking was successful”. 
  2. You will also receive an “Activation Code” via SMS on your Equitel line. Open your Equitel SIM Tool Kit (STK menu) and select Equity. Enter your Activation Code, then enter a new PIN and confirm it. After a minute, a notification will pop up on your Equitel line with the message, “Dear Customer your mobile banking application has been activated”.
  3. Your Equitel STK menu will be updated to read. My Money, My Phone, My Life.

If you are not using Eazzy247, please go to your nearest Equity bank branch or agent and you will be assisted with registration.

Now you can pay for your KQ tickets right on your phone using your Equitel line.
Visit to make your booking.
With your reservation number, use Equitel Paybill 777887 to pay for your ticket.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Equitel Menu
  • Select My Money
  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select Pay bill
  • Select Account
  • Enter Business Number (777887)
  • Enter Account Number (Enter your reservation number as account number)
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter PIN and confirm transaction

You will receive your ticket in your email.

You can also pay over the counter at any Equity Bank branch using Account no: 0810296449161.


What is Jiokolee Credo?
Jiokolee Credo is a service that allows eligible Equitel customers to borrow airtime on credit when you run out of airtime and pay back on next recharge.

Is Jiokolee Credo available to all customers?
No. Only subscribers who meet the following service eligibility criteria will be eligible to receive airtime advances:

a. Subscribers must be registered and active on Equitel telephony and/or Mbanking;
b. Minimum 180 days active on the Equitel network. The amount requested equivalent to airtime spent on the last 7 days
c. Subscribers who have received the maximum amount of Jiokolee Credo amount they are eligible for, must repay the amount before any further advances are made in order to be eligible for another Jiokolee Credo advance airtime;
d. Subscribers suspended or de-activated by Equitel will not be eligible for the service.
e. Customers must have a minimum airtime balance as prescribed under to qualify for the service at any particular time

How can I check if am eligible to use the service?
To check for eligibility, dial *740#>select option 9.Help> then, select Option1.Eligibility

How can I borrow airtime?
To borrow airtime; dial*740#>Select preferred amount>select Yes on the confirmation pop up message> You will receive a confirmation SMS once the advance is successfully credited into your airtime account.

Can I borrow airtime if I have an existing airtime loan that I have not paid back?
Yes, you can borrow another airtime or data while you owe airtime and as long as you are still within your credit limit.

What are the different airtime bands available on Jiokolee Credo?
The available airtime bands on Jiokolee Credo are: Kes 10, 20, 50,

Can I exceed my credit limit in a month?
No, you cannot exceed your credit limit in a month. Note: Your credit limit in a month can either increase or decrease but this is based on your recharge activities in the previous month.

I borrowed airtime but cannot make call or browse?
This is because you might have finished your airtime. You will need to check the airtime balance in your Jiokolee Credo account before you start a call or browse. To check your airtime balance, simply dial *740#.

How will I pay back the airtime I borrowed?
You will be able to pay back any outstanding amount via direct top up from account, or via received airtime through any other means.
Will the airtime I borrowed be loaded into my main account after successful requests?
Yes. The airtime borrowed will be credited into your main airtime account. To view balance dial *144# or *100#

Is there a service fee for using Jiokolee Credo?
Yes, you will be charged a service fee on all successful requests. To check the rates charged, click: The service charge will be deducted alongside the airtime amount loaned. For example, if you request for Kes.50, once the request is approved, you will be credited with Kes. 45 in your airtime account BUT you will be debited with Kes.50 (Kes.45 + Kes.5 service fee).

Will the airtime borrowed have an expiry date/validity?
No, the airtime does not have an expiry date/validity period.

Will I be able to transfer airtime from my Jiokolee Credo airtime to another customer’s account?
No, you will NOT be able to transfer airtime from Jiokolee Credo to another customer’s account.

Will I be able to call after I exhaust the airtime?
No, your call will be suspended once you exhaust the airtime unless you have any active bonus. However, you will able to borrow another airtime as long as you are within your credit limit to continue enjoying your call.

What happens when the amount recharged is not enough to pay back the airtime amount borrowed completely?
When the recharge amount is less than the outstanding airtime amount, your main account will still be in negative but subsequent recharges will be used to recover whatever is outstanding until the loan is fully recovered.

What happens when the amount recharged by is more than the airtime amount borrowed?
When the recharge amount is greater than the outstanding airtime amount, the airtime amount will be deducted first and the balance credited into your main account.

Can I pay back the Jiokolee Credo airtime borrowed via Gawa Credo?
Yes, any airtime received via any channel can be used to pay off any outstanding Jiokolee Credo loan.

Do I need to pay back Jiokolee Credo owed even if I have not used it?
Yes, the airtime borrowed will be deducted once you recharge, regardless of how much of airtime you have used.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can borrow airtime?
You can borrow airtime multiple times as long as you are still within your credit limit.

What Equitel services can I use with Jiokolee Credo airtime?
The airtime borrowed can be used for all chargeable activities on the Equitel network, including but not limited to:
• Voice calls
• Prepaid Data Bundles
• Premium rated services
• Other current and future VAS services

At what rate will my calls, SMS, data and other services be charged from my Jiokolee Credo amount?
The applicable rates for the services used will be based on your current tariff plan rate.

Will I be able to transfer airtime from Jiokolee Credo to another customer using Gawa Credo?
No, you will NOT be able to transfer airtime from Jiokolee Credo using Equitel’s Gawa Credo or any other means to any other customer.

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