How does it work?

This service allows anyone wishing to send money to Kenya from UAE (United Arab Emirates) to do so via the recipient’s Equitel line.

The transaction is similar to a traditional cash-to-cash money transfer, except that the sender specifies the recipient’s mobile phone number at the time the funds are sent. Recipients in Kenya must subscribe to the Equitel service to access the service.

Who are the partners in this service?

Partner : Website

Juba Express :

Equitel :

What are the 7 UAE emirates/states?

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al- Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm –Al- Quwain

As a sender, in what locations can I find Juba express agents?

Dubai and Sharjah

As a recipient, how do I register for Equitel?

You can walk into any Equity bank branch or selected Equity Agent and any staff member will assist you register and activate your new Equitel line.

Who can use the Equitel International Money Transfer service?

Any sender from the UAE can use the service and you do not have to be a registered Equitel send money to Kenya.

What do I require to use the Equitel International Money Transfer service?

Here are the basic requirements:


  • A valid Emirates ID, or passport with Visa
  • Source of fund
  • Purpose


  • Name and Address of the recipient
  • A registered Equitel line

When I receive money sent to Equitel account, how can I withdraw it?

You can go to any Equity bank agent countrywide to withdraw your funds. Similarly, you can also send it to any preferred mobile wallet or bank account.

How much money can I receive?

The maximum amount that can be sent at any one time via this service is Ksh 500,000. More than KES 500,000.00 source and purpose must be provided

What is the cost of sending money via Equitel International Money Transfer service?

Charges for sending money via Equitel vary depending on the amount sent, the country from which it is being sent and the partner channel via which the money is being sent from. Each partner will advise the sender on applicable charges before the funds are sent.

What exchange rate will be used at the time the money is being sent?

Conversion will be done when the funds are sent. The sender will be advised at the point of sending of the prevailing exchange rate, and the equivalent amount the customer in Kenya will receive on their Equitel line.

Will I be charged for receiving money?

You will not be charged for receiving IMT via Equitel, but all normal charges will subsequently apply, i.e., to send money to another mobile money subscriber, withdraw cash at agents etc.

Will any network coverage affect my collection of money sent to me from the UAE?

Money will be received into your Equitel wallet, even if it is sent to you when you are out of coverage area. You can always check your current balance on Equitel the normal way

How much time does it take for money sent to reach me in Kenya?

The money should reach you immediately. Normally, it will take just a few seconds for you to receive the SMS confirmation of the transaction.

Will I get a message to notify me that I have received money?

As with any other transaction performed on Equitel, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the transaction details, including the receipt number, amount in Ksh, balance, time stamp, Exchange rate, sender and sender's location. Here are sample SMSes:

  • Sent via XYZ to a registered Equitel customer: EXFEG702 confirmed. You have received Ksh10, 000 from Diaspora Friend via XYZ on 24/4/14 at 3:56PM. New Equitel balance is Ksh 15,000.

What Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls are there to guard against money laundering?

All the partners (Equitel/Equity bank & Juba Express) are registered with their respective regulatory authorities for AML compliance. They are required to undertake certain due diligence on the remitters in compliance with the respective countries laws and regulations. Equitel/Equity bank also carries out screening of senders and receivers as required by law. Moreover, in many countries, senders will be required to provide proof of ID to the Agent before they can complete a transaction. All transactions are also monitored to detect suspicious activity and take appropriately action.

Getting Started
  1. What is Equitel?

    Equitel is an easy-to-use and secure mobile phone platform that helps you manage your money and communicate with more Freedom, Choice and Control.

    It allows you to carry out your financial transactions as well as make calls, send SMSs and access the internet.

  2. What are the requirements I need to join Equitel?

    All you need is an original national identity card for Kenyan citizens or an original valid passport, original & valid alien card and a valid work permit for foreigners. Easy!

  3. How do I as an Existing Equity Bank Member activate my Equitel line?

    You can activate for the mobile Banking service in three simple ways:

    • In any Equity branch using an original national identity card.
    • In any Equity bank ATM   using a debit card.
    • In an Agent location using a POS device and a debit card.
  4. How do I get an Equitel SIM card?

    To get a SIM card visit any of our agents or our branches country-wide and get your SIM card instantly!!

  5. How do I as an existing Equity Bank Member activate my mobile banking on my line?

    You can activate for the mobile Banking service in the following ways:

    • In any Equity branch using an original national identity card.
    • From your other line that is registered on Eazzy24/7.
    •  Enter *247# on your dial pad.
    •  Enter PIN.
    •  Select option 10 (you can see it on the second page after 98.more).
    •  Select option 7- Link Equitel .Here a list of your accounts will be listed.
    •  Select the a/c which you would like to link to. A pop up message ‘‘Link Equitel to mobile banking was successful’’ will be received
    •  Select Equity.
    •  You will be prompted to enter the activation code. Enter the 4-8 numeric code that you received.
    •  In an Agent location using a POS device and a debit/ATM card.
  6. What is a thin SIM?

    The thin SIM is an Overlay Sim that is paper thin with an embedded SIM card. It enables you to use your secondary SIM card without requiring a dual SIM phone.

  7. After several attempts I do not receive a validation code

    Please check your network settings and try again.

Topping up your Account
  1. How do you check your Equitel account balance?

    Choose Equity menu >>> Balances >>>> Check Balance >>>

    (Note that this is also shown at the end of every SMS after performing a transaction)

  2. What are the charges for the check balance service?

    Balance Enquiries are free of charge!

  3. How do I top up the airtime on my phone?

    Go to my Phone menu and select “Top Up Airtime”. Choose whether you are topping up your line or another line. Enter the number followed by the amount and your PIN to confirm. Press OK. The top up amount will be debited from your account.

Queries about the telephony features
  1. What happens if I lose my mobile phone and have Equitel on my phone?
    • Not to worry! Just report to our contact center or nearest Equity branch or agent immediately for temporary suspension of services.
    • Get a duly completed abstract form from the police with the following information; customer name,  mobile phone number, ID number, IMEI number, Model/brand of phone, date of loss, date of reporting to the police, circumstances of loss, occurrence book reference, and name of the police station reported to.
    • Visit any Equity branch or Agent and fill a handset blocking request form or send a letter/email to contact centre requesting to block the handset. Sorted!
  2. Why does my phone say 'SIM rejected' or 'Registration failed'?

    This probably means the SIM card is damaged either because someone has entered a wrong unblocking code or because the phone itself has been damaged. Always handle your SIM card with great care. If your SIM card is not working, visit one of our offices and we will replace it at Ksh. 50.

  3. How do I put in a security code?

    This issue is handset specific. For most handsets you will find this in your phone settings. Click on security settings and input a security code.

  4. My phone says PUK. What does it mean?

    PUK is an abbreviation for PIN Unblocking Key. Your phone will display this message if a wrong PIN number has been entered more than three times. Call the contact center or seek assistance or visit the nearest Equity branch.

  5. Why don't I have a signal on my phone?

    There are two possibilities:

    • You are not in the Equitel coverage area.
    • Your phone or SIM card is damaged. 
  6. What happens if the number I want to register Equitel with has been inactive for more than 6 months?

    Report to our contact center or nearest Equity branch or agent immediately.

  7. How do I get Internet Settings on my phone

    Internet settings are configured automatically from the network once you activate your SIM.

    You will receive a message with internet settings and instructions (please note, not all devices are supported).

    In case this fails, you can send and SMS with text ‘ALL’ to shortcode 232 to receive the internet settings (only for supported devices).

    Another option is the manual configuration of settings. The format will vary from one device to another however the settings are the same:

    Name: Equitel

    APN: Equitel

    Login: <blank>

    Password: <blank>

  8. How do I subscribe to data bundles?
    • Dial *100# Or Go to your STK >>> Equitel >>>Equitel Self Service
    • Select ‘Tariff Plan’ >>>  ‘Add option(s)
    • Select your preferred tariff plan 
    • Select Subscribe and receive a message ‘XMB data has been added to your tariff plan’ 


  9. How do I unsubscribe from data bundles?
    • Dial *100# Or Go to your STK >>> Equitel >>>Equitel Self Service
    • Select ‘Tariff Plan’ >>> ‘View my options’ >>> ‘Remove Option’ 
    • Select the subscription that you’d like to remove 
    • You will receive a confirmation message  ‘The following options are removed from your tariff plan’


Plans and Promotions
  1. What promotions can I enjoy on Equitel?

    Good news, we are offering you affordable prepaid rates for voice, SMS and Data. Get the rates here.



  2. How much do I pay for Equity World?

    Equity World offers you relevant and useful content at absolutely NO COST. Equity world is a FREE service.

  3. How do I unsubscribe from Maternal health messages

    It’s simple! Un-subscribe from MAMA by sending the word ‘STOP’ to 1601

Issues with financial services
  1. What happens when the Equitel customer is deceased?

    Upon receipt of formal notice [death certificate] the services are suspended and the legal process on administration follows for the bank account proceeds.

  2. What is Equity Mobile Banking Service?

    This is a Bank account mapped to your Equitel mobile number to allow direct money access from your bank account without having to move money to your mobile phone.

  3. Do I need a different PIN to access my Equitel account or will my account number do?

    Yes, I addition to your Phone Pin you will be given a PIN for the Mobile Banking service

  4. What is the minimum amount that you can hold in your Equitel account (Minimum account balance)?

    There is no minimum balance!

  5. Can I send money directly to people who have Equity bank accounts instead of sending money to their phone numbers?

    Yes. This is possible.

  6. Can I access your Equitel account through any Equity Bank branch?

    Yes, and also the ATM and Equity Agents if you have an ATM card.

  7. What is the maximum amount of money I can transfer from an Equitel account to an EQB account and vice versa?

    Ksh. 100,000   per day.

  8. What is EAZZY Loan?

    This is an innovative mobile credit feature offered to customers who have an equity account that is connected to an Equitel line. This product offers the customers the comfort of borrowing on the basis of their account activity at the touch of a button!

  9. Is it possible to transfer funds from my other Equity accounts to my Equitel account?

    Yes it is.

  10. What are the requirements for Eazzy Loan?
    • You must have an Equitel Mobile Line
    • You must have an Equity Bank Account
    • You must have activated their Equitel Line for M-Banking services
    • You must have operated the account for 3 consecutive months.
  11. Can I send money to my other bank accounts directly from my Equitel Account?

    Yes. It is also possible for you to send to your other banks’ accounts from your Equitel account.

  12. How do I request Eazzy Loan?
    • Access STK menu and follow menu steps below:
    • Select Equity in the STK menu.
    • Select Credit option.
    • Select Eazzy Option
    • Select account number to advance
    • Enter Eazzy loan amount
    • Confirm request
    • Enter PIN
    • Send request
    • Request completed
  13. What should I do if I get a message I do not understand when I make a transaction using Equitel?

    Just go to Settings/Help Menu and call Contact Centre for assistance.

  14. How do I unblock my account?
    • You can use your ATM card [chip & pin only] to reset /regenerate your Pin in the ATM or Agent location, after which you shall receive a new pin for pin regeneration. The trials will be rest to Zero in case of pin reset.
    • Call contact Centre for assistance using your Equitel line phone.
    • Visit the nearest Branch
  15. How do I check my Equitel account transactions?

    Just go to Mobile banking service and visit the balances option, check balance and then choose recent activity.

  16. What are the charges for Eazzy loan?

    It’s only 2% per month valid for 30 days.

  17. What do I do if I require funds saved in my goal before maturity?

    You can request for a goal advance at a small fee. 

    From the STK select Equity and choose the credit Submenu then choose advance on goal .Choose the goal to be advanced and insert amount, confirm by entering your PIN, then submit.


  18. I already have a bank account; do I need this account as well?

    Yes, you do.

  19. How do I close my Equitel account?
    • Simply call the contact Centre for assistance using your Equitel line phone.
    • Visit the nearest Branch
  20. How do you I check my bank account balance?

    Choose Equity menu. Click on balances and check your balance.

    (Note that this is also shown at the end of every SMS after performing a transaction)


eazzy loans
  1. What is Eazzy loan?

    It is a mobile-based banking service provided by Equity Bank (Kenya) Ltd that allows a customer to conveniently get a loan to meet their emergency needs with ease.

  2. Who is Eligible for the Eazzy loan?

    A Customer who has an active account with the bank for at least a minimum period of six months and is an Equitel registered user. If a customer is salaried, it is advised that the salary should be channelled through the Equity Bank salary account consistently.

  3. What is a credit limit?

    This is the maximum amount of Eazzy loan you can borrow at any one time.

  4. How is my initial credit limit determined?

    Your initial credit limit is determined by the behaviour on both your Equity bank account and Equitel line usage.

  5. What is the minimum amount you can borrow?

    The minimum amount you can borrow is Ksh 100 and the maximum amount is dependent on your loan amount and credit limit.

  6. How many Eazzy loans can I borrow?

    One can borrow at most two Eazzy loans at a time as long as they don’t exceed their credit limit.

  7. Will my credit limit ever increase or decrease?

    Yes, an individual’s credit limit will be periodically reviewed to determine whether or not it should be increased or decreased

  8. How often is my credit limit reviewed?

    Credit limit reviews occur every 30 days from the previous limit review date. When the limits are reviewed you are likely to have a higher or lower limit depending on your banking transactions.

  9. By how much will my limit increase?

    The amount of your limit growth will depend on your savings and loan repayment behavior. Paying all your loans promptly and ensuring that you channel all your incomes through your Equity Bank account will increase your chances for a higher limit.

  10. I have been getting Eazzy loan but now I cannot.

    Eazzy loan limit is awarded based on entire customer’s profile. Various parameters that are used include; how frequent the customer banks in a month, the average amount that remains in the account, default history of the customer, CRB rating etc. All these are analysed, aggregated and based on this aggregate score a limit is awarded. If the score is too low the customer will not be awarded a limit.

  11. I have a foreign currency account, can I borrow Eazzy loan?

    Yes, Eazzy loan is available to foreign account holders but customers need to open a KSH account to be able to access this product.

  12. How will Equity Bank recover the loan?

    The money is recovered from customer’s operative account on the loan maturity date. However, should you wish to repay your loan earlier, you can use the Pay Loan Option in your SIM Toolkit which has two options; Partial payment and Full payment.

  13. I applied for an Eazzy loan but my application got declined.

    This may happen for various reasons, as may be communicated to you via SMS, such as:-

    • You may have two outstanding Eazzy loans. You will need to settle this before applying again.
    • You may have just opened a savings account recently thus not meeting the minimum threshold of six months. It may also be as a result of not regularly transacting using your savings account .
    • You may be adversely listed at the Credit Reference Bureau.
  14. What minimum balance should I have in my account to successfully apply for Eazzy Loan?

    You can qualify for this product with any balance in your main account but this is not the basis of getting a limit. It is dependent on your account transactions behaviour.

  15. What is the loan duration?

    The loan is payable within 30 days. However, you can repay the loan before the due date and borrow again

  16. What are the Eazzy loan charges?

    The loan has only Interest Charge and NO other charge

  17. E.g. If you request for a loan of Kshs 1,000 how much will you receive?

    You will receive the full loan amount requested of Kshs 1,000

  18. What is the Eazzy loan Interest?

    The loan has an interest range of 2% to 10% per month.

  19. How do I check my credit limit?

    A customer can check his/her credit limit through his Equitel line under the Loans>Loan Limit sub menu.

  20. Can someone else pay a loan on my behalf?

    Any one can deposit money to your Equity Savings account for the loan repayment. You can then wait for the system to deduct the instalment on due date or you can via Equitel line using Pay loan option.

eazzy plus
  1. What is Eazzy Plus?

    It is a term loan accessed via the mobile-based banking service provided by Equity Bank (Kenya) Ltd that allows a customer to conveniently get a loan payable in easy monthly instalments.

  2. Who is Eligible for the Eazzy Plus?

    A Customer who has an active account with the bank for at least a minimum period of six months and is an Equitel registered user. If a customer is salaried, it is advised that the salary should be channelled through the Equity Bank salary account consistently.

  3. If I have two Eazzy loans can I still access Eazzy Plus

    Yes, one can enjoy the two products at the same time as long as one can afford it.

  4. I have an Eazzy loan limit but Zero limit for Eazzy Plus

    Eazzy Plus also takes into account other term loans that a customer holds with the bank, thus if a customer has existing loans the limit awarded will be consumed by the outstanding loan balances.

  5. If I clear all other loans including Eazzy loan will my limit for Eazzy Plus increase?

    Yes, other loans reduces customer’s income available for loan repayments. Since the outstanding loan balances are also considered when determining the available limit, the limit decreases when customer has other outstanding loan balances and vice versa.

  6. Can I wait to clear Eazzy Plus at the end of the period or I need to make the simple monthly payments?

    Eazzy Plus has a monthly repayment mode, thus the customer is required to avail monthly instalments on time in order to continue enjoying more products. However, if you so wish to clear the loan before time, the same is also possible.

  7. What is the interest rate for Eazzy Plus?

    The loan has an interest rate range of 2% to 9% per month.

  8. What is the minimum Eazzy Plus loan amount one can borrow?

    The minimum amount you can borrow is Ksh 1,000 and is dependent on your credit limit.

  9. What is the maximum Eazzy Plus loan amount one can borrow?

    The maximum amount set for this product is Ksh.3, 000,000. The maximum amount one can borrow is dependent on their credit limit.

  10. What’s the minimum repayment period for Eazzy Plus

    The minimum loan period for Eazzy Plus is 2 months

  11. What’s the maximum period for Eazzy Plus

    The maximum loan period for Eazzy Plus is 12 months

  12. I am trying to apply for Eazzy Plus but the application is getting terminated.

    Loan application process on the phone has a time limit set at every stage and thus when a customer stays too long at one stage the loan application could get timed out and the process closes. It’s advisable that you do not take too much time at one stage to avoid being timed out.

  13. What determines my loan period?

    Eazzy Plus loan period is based on the customer’s rating which is pegged on how the customer banks with equity, loan repayment history among other checks.

  14. I took an Eazzy Plus loan and the interest rate applied was 9% p.m. What do I need to do to be charged a lower rate in my next loan?

    One can improve Eazzy Plus rate by continuously channelling all proceeds through Equity Bank and ensuring that all loans borrowed are paid as per the expected repayment date.

  15. I have Eazzy loan limit and Eazzy Plus limit, how do I combine them and borrow a big Eazzy Plus loan?

    It is not possible to combine the two limits. Both limits are calculated differently and thus cannot be combined.

  16. How many Eazzy Plus loans can I borrow?

    One can only have one Eazzy Plus loan at a time.

  17. How many times can I borrow an Eazzy Plus within a month?

    One can borrow Eazzy Plus as many times as one wishes as long as the existing Eazzy Plus is cleared first.

  18. What are the Eazzy Plus charges?

    The loan has only Interest Charge and NO other charges


  19. E.g. If you request for an Eazzy Plus loan of Kshs 5,000 how much will you receive?

    You will receive the full loan amount requested of Kshs 5,000

  20. My Simcard doesn’t have the Eazzy Plus loan product

    To have this menu you need to update your menu, kindly dial *203#. A menu update pushes a lot of SMSes and thus it’s advisable not to use your phone for about 20 minutes until the update is complete.

    Other ways that the Menu can be updated include:

    • Branch Rollout where the SIM Updater can be used to push the new menu to the customer.
    • Customer Care Rollout where Contact Centre Team can push the new menu to the customer.
    •  All new SIM Cards being issued will have the New Menu
About PesaLink
  1. What is PesaLink?

    PesaLink is a service that will enable interbank money transfers from one person to another within banks that have registered on PesaLink.

  2. Why should I use PesaLink?

    PesaLink is real-time, available 24/7 and one can transfer from as low as Ksh. 10 to as much as Ksh. 999,999.  It is also safe since it eliminates the use of cash as a mode of payment.

  3. Which Banks are part of PesaLink?

    All members of Kenya Bankers Association

  4. Is PesaLink owned by the Government?

    No.  PesaLink is owned by Kenya Bankers Association member banks through Integrated Payments Services Limited (IPSL).

  5. How do I send money using PesaLink?

    You can send payments to a phone number or a bank account number using PesaLink menus on your Equitel STK

  6. How do I receive money using PesaLink?

    To receive payments, you can link your phone to your bank account number and advice the sender to send to your phone number or you can advise the sender to send to your bank account number.

  1. How do I register for PesaLink?

    To register for PesaLink, access your Equitel STK menus, select ‘My Money, ‘My Account, ‘PesaLink Registration, ‘Register Account, Select account to register, Enter ‘Alias’ e.g. “EQ Acct” to help you identify your account, confirm and receive a confirmation SMS.

  2. Can anybody access PesaLink?

    Customers with bank accounts in any participating bank can access PesaLink on their bank channels if their banks have registered for PesaLink.

  3. Do I need a smartphone to use PesaLink on mobile?

    One does not need to have a smartphone to access PesaLink on mobile.   PesaLink can be accessed via Equitel STK.  PesaLink is also availed through Mobile Applications and USSD.

  4. How do I change my registration from another Bank to Equity Bank?

    To change your registration, you will need to deregister from the other bank through the following steps:- Go to your Equitel Sim Tool Kit, Select ‘My Money, ‘My Account, ‘PesaLink Registration, ‘Deregister Account, enter Pin, confirm details and receive a confirmation SMS.
    To register in Equity, follow the Registration steps provided above.

  5. Can I register my mobile number to more than one account in the same bank?

    You can only register one mobile number to one bank account. If you have multiple mobile numbers, you can use them to register the other bank accounts.

  6. Can I register my already registered mobile number to my other accounts in different banks?

    You can only register one mobile number to one bank account within PesaLink.  If you have multiple mobile numbers, you can use them to register the other bank accounts.

  7. Can I register my bank account with more than one mobile?

    You can only register one mobile number to one bank account.

  8. What are the charges for sending money through PesaLink?

    Equity Bank charges apply as follows:-

Receiving money
  1. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can receive or send using PesaLink?

    You can receive or send per transaction a minimum of Ksh. 10 and a maximum of Ksh. 999,999 using PesaLink.

  2. What is the daily transaction amount limit using PesaLink?

    You can receive up to Ksh. 1,000,000 through PesaLink per day.

  3. How many transactions can I carry out using PesaLink per day?

    There is no limit to the number of transactions, however the daily and transaction amount limits apply.

  4. Can I use PesaLink to accept payments into my business account?

    Yes you can by providing the account number and directing the sender to use ‘Send to Account’ option.  If the business mandate allows, you can link your mobile number to your account and direct the sender to use ‘Send to Phone’ option.

  5. Can I use PesaLink to accept payments into another account not linked?

    Yes you can by providing the account number and directing the sender to use ‘Send to Account’ option.

  6. Can I register with more than one of the participating Banks?

    Yes you can if you have an account with them.  However, you can only link one mobile number to one bank account.

  7. Can I receive money from someone who is not registered on PesaLink?

    Yes you can receive money from someone who is not registered using Equitel from another Equitel user.

  8. How long does it take money sent through PesaLink to hit my account?

    It should take 1 minute for a transaction to be completed.

  9. Will people sending me money be able to see the accounts I have linked to PesaLink?

    Senders can only see the bank name in which you have linked your account and not the account numbers.

  10. Will I be charged to receive money on PesaLink?

    No.  Currently, Equity Bank customers are not charged to receive funds through PesaLink.

Accessing PesaLink
  1. Can I use PesaLink if I don’t have a mobile phone?

    Yes you can.  PesaLink is available on five bank channels:- Mobile banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Bank Branch and Agency Banking.  Currently, Equity Bank offers PesaLink on the Mobile banking channel.

  2. How will I update my personal details on PesaLink?

    To update your personal details on your bank account, visit your nearest branch and submit the details.

  3. Can I use a different bank’s ATM to access PesaLink?

    Yes you can if the bank offers PesaLink on their ATM machines

  4. Can I use PesaLink on other banks’ channels?

    Yes you can access ATM and Agency channels of banks that provide PesaLink on them for card based transactions.

  5. Will I be able to receive funds at night and on public holidays?

    You can receive funds any time day or night 24/7 days a week.

  6. Can a minor access and use PesaLink?

    No.   One has to be above 18 years old and operating their own accounts to be able to access PesaLink.

  7. Can I use PesaLink outside Nairobi?

    Yes you can use PesaLink outside Nairobi and across borders if you are on roaming services.

  8. Which languages are available on PesaLink?


  9. Do I need a PIN for PesaLink?

    Currently, you need a PIN to access your PesaLink and send money.   To receive money, you do not require a PIN.

  10. Can I access PesaLink outside banking hours?

    Yes you can.  PesaLink is a 24/7 service.

  11. Do I need a different SIM card to access PesaLink on my mobile phone?

    No.  You will be able to access PesaLink through the mobile banking platform of your bank.

  12. Can I deposit money on PesaLink?

    No.  PesaLink will only facilitate funds transfer from account to account.

  13. Can I withdraw money from PesaLink?

    Currently, PesaLink only facilitates account to account funds transfer.

  14. Will PesaLink provide loans?

    No.  PesaLink will only facilitate money transfers.

Sending money
  1. Can I send money to someone who is not registered?

    Yes you can send money through Equitel to another bank if the other person is not registered.

    You can also use PesaLink ‘Send to Account’ option to send to an account number of unregistered person if his bank is registered. If you use ‘Send to phone’ option on PesaLink, it will give an error “Unable to fetch details” if the phone number is not registered on PesaLink.

  2. Can I send money If I am not linked to my account?

    Yes you can send money through Equitel, send money to another bank if you have not registered on PesaLink.

  3. Which currency will I use while sending money through PesaLink?

    PesaLink will facilitate same currency Funds transfer from KSH to KSH, USD to USD, GBP to GBP and EURO to EURO accounts.  There will be no currency conversion at the switch.

  4. How will I know that my transaction has gone through?

    As a sender you will receive an SMS confirming success or failure of the transaction.

  5. How will I know that I have sent money to the right person?

    When sending money, you will be required to confirm the details of the transaction i.e. name of recipient or telephone number or account number of recipient.

  6. Can I use PesaLink to pay bills during an emergency such as hospital bills?

    Yes, you can use PesaLink to transfer funds from your account to the hospital’s account using the ‘Send to Account’ option.

  7. Can I send money to someone who does not have a bank account?

    Currently, you can only send to someone who has a bank account.

  8. Can I use PesaLink to send money abroad?

    Currently, PesaLink facilitates funds transfers within Kenya.

  9. Can I send money to someone in Kenya from abroad?

    Yes you can if you are on Equitel roaming services and can access your bank account from abroad.

  10. Can I use PesaLink to send money to an account within Equity?

    Equitel already provides account to account transfers within Equity at no cost.

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