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Benefits of EazzyPay to a Merchant:

Real Time Settlement, at no extra cost

Money paid into an EazzyPay till hits the merchant's Equity Bank account IMMEDIATELY

Real Time and Limitless Bank Account Access

The merchant has access to his Bank account at all times. Money paid into the Eazzy Pay Till is available for use by the merchant IMMEDIATELY.

New Revenue streams

  • EazzyPay merchants can generate additional income from Cash Back commission
  • EazzyPay merchants can generate additional income from Airtime sales for all Networks

Build history for credit scoring

EazzyPay merchants will build history with the bank because all transaction through the EazzyPay Till will be reflected in their bank statement.

Cash Management

An Eazzy Pay merchant can manage his cash through Cash Back services

Capability to accept payment from multiple sources

An EazzyPay Till can accept money from multiple sources:

  • Equity Bank App (EazzyApp)
  • Equitel
  • Any mobile money (Mpesa, Airtel money)

Merchant Support:

EazzyPay Merchant Services Hotline

For all enquiries or queries, relating to EazzyPay transactions, Please Dial 300 from your EazzyPay Till
Email: eazzypay@equitybank.co.ke


Contact Centre

For all enquiries or queries, please contact us on:
Mobile no: +254 763 000 100
Email: info@equitybank.co.ke


Feed back

We welcome any suggestions, ideas and feedback that will enable us keep improving.
Feel free to talk to us, email or visit us at any Equity Bank Branch near you


Our Contact Centre are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year


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Frequently asked questions - By Merchants

It is a service that allows customers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently using their mobile phone i.e. Equitel line, Mpesa or Airtel Money. Customers can also download the Equity bank app (EazzyApp) and use it to pay for Goods & Services.

There are several ways a customer can use to Pay for Goods & Services into your EazzyPay Till, these include:

Using Equity Bank App (EazzyApp): Using Equitel:
  • Log into EazzyApp
  • Click on the [+] sign
  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select Enter Till Number as displayed on the Eazzy Pay sticker
  • Enter Assistant UserID (if required)
  • Key in amount
  • Confirm details and click Buy Goods
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation
  • Go to Equitel Menu
  • Select My money
  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select Pay Goods & Services
  • Select Account
  • Enter EazzyPay Till numbers
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter additional details e.g. fuel
  • Confirm details
  • Enter PIN
  • Enter Served by details
  • Confirm details. You will receive a confirmation SMS
Using MPESA: Using Airtel Money:
  • Go to Mpesa Menu
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter the EazzyPay business numbers 763766
  • Enter EazzyPay Till Number as displayed
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm details
  • Enter MPESA PIN. You will receive a confirmation SMS
  • Go to Airtel Money Menu
  • Select Airtel Money
  • Select Make Payments
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter the EazzyPay business numbers 763766
  • Enter EazzyPay Till Number as displayed
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm details
  • Enter MPESA PIN. You will receive a confirmation SMS

Money paid into an EazzyPay till hits the merchant's Equity Bank account IMMEDIATELT Y and is available for use by the merchant. Transaction settlement for EazzyPay Till is REAL TIME.

The maximum amount is Ksh. 1,000,000 per transaction, and Ksh 1,000,000 per day for "Pay for Goods and Services", and Ksh 300,000 per transaction and Ksh. 1,000,000 per day for "Paybill"

An amount of less than Ksh.1 will not be processed through the EazzyPay Till.

You will receive a message on your Eazzy Pay till confirming that the transaction has been successful and money has been received.

A customer may retry making the transaction after sometime and upon confirmation that his / her account has not been debited.

No. All transactions including large transactions will be PIN authorized by the customer and you do not need them to produce their ID or Passport

Yes. You can provide Cash Back services to customers who pay for Goods & Services using Equitel or Eazzy App. To be able to offer Cash Back services to a customer, you will initiate the payment for Good & Services as the merchant by following these steps:

  • Go to Equitel Menu
  • Select Merchant
  • Select Eazzy Pay
  • Select With Cash Back
  • Enter the Customer's Equitel Mobile Number
  • Enter the amount for the purchase of Goods & Services
  • Enter the Cash Back Amount requested by the customers
  • Confirm details
  • Enter PIN. Message will be sent to customer
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS after customer approval

The customer will receive a message on their Equitel mobile line or Eazzy App asking him / her to confirm the cash back amount, and also the total amount of goods or services being purchased.

Yes. The message will pop-up or appear on the phone of the customer, even if the phone is on screen lock

For every transaction, a unique Reference number is generated, which both the customer and you, the merchant will receive, within the SMS notification you will get from Equity Bank. Kindly confirm that the Reference number presented by the customer matches the one you have received as the merchant, before releasing the goods to the customer.

The Eazzy Pay Till number should be displayed prominently, where the customer can see it clearly when making payments.

Please ask the customer to Dial *203# and wait for about 10 minutes to have Equitel Menu will be updated. After the update, the customer will be able to view EazzyPay on his / her Equitel SIM menu.

No, a customer CANNOT reverse or cancel an EazzyPay transaction once paid.
A merchant who has received payment for a certain transaction can reverse that transaction if it had been initiated by the customer and by so doing refund money to the customer.
The bank can also reverse a transaction and refund money to the customer. This is done after a complaint or request for reversal has been lodged and validated.

As a merchant you can reverse the payment made into your Eazzy Pay Till and money will be refunded to the customer, by following these steps

  • Go to Equitel Menu
  • Select Till Management
  • Select Refund / Void
  • Enter Transaction Date
  • Enter Transaction Reference Number
  • Enter Primary User Code
  • Enter PIN. You will receive a confirmation SMS

Alternatively, either the merchant or the customer can request the bank to effect a reversal by calling customer care on 100 from an Equitel line or +254763 000 100 from any other network operator.

A merchant cannot change the EazzyPay Till number that was initially provided. To change an Eazzy Pay Till, the merchant shall be required to visit the nearest Equity Bank branch, apply for a new Eazzy Pay Till and surrender the old EazzyPay Till to the Bank.

You can obtain an additional EazzyPay Till from the nearest Equity Bank Branch upon completing an additional Eazzy Pay Till request form.

There is no limit. You can have as many EazzyPay Tills as your business requires.

No. You must have an Equity Bank account to operate as an EazzyPay merchant. All Eazzy payments are settled to an Equity Bank Account instantly.

No the shop assistant cannot access your bank account details. Shop assistants can only perform limited functions through the Eazzy Pay Till which include Airtime top-up for customers, Receive payments for Goods & Services sold, View Transaction summary, Change language, Change the assistant PIN and Call the Bank for support.

Yes, you can receive payments from other telecoms mobile money such as Mpesa, Airtel Money and Orange Money.

Yes. Merchants can call the contact center by dialing 300 using their EazzyPay Tills for support

The customer should call the contact center on 100 (if calling from Equitel) or 0763 000 100 (if calling from any other network) and request for reversal of the transaction. It will take a maximum of 72 hours, to complete the reversal process, once the verification of the request has been done by the bank.

No. The EazzyPay till number comprises of 10 digit numbers. However, where possible, we will map the suffix or last 6 digits of your EazzyPay Till, to be similar to your till number as provided by other Telcos

Yes, the SIM card you receive is the primary Till and you can use it to add different outlet

Yes, you can access daily statements through the "Till summary" option on the SIM Menu

Yes, through the Till management menu, the primary Till can create a new Outlet.

Yes this can be accessed under the 'Query Transaction' option on the SIM Menu

Yes this can be done through 'Till management' option on the SIM Menu

Yes that this is done through the 'Till management' option on the SIM Menu

No. If the Equitel customer enters a till number for another telecom, and this merchant is not an EazzyPay merchant, the payment will not be processed.

The dispute resolution process takes up to 48 hours, unless it is an exceptional dispute that would warrant a longer period

The merchant should call the Equity Bank Merchant Support Line at 300 or 0763 000 300

If you cannot view the EazzyPay menu, please re-start your mobile phone. If the EazzyPay Menu still does not appear, you should update your SIM menu by dialing *203#. The full menu update may take about 20 minutes to be completed.
If the problem persists, please contact the merchant support Hotline by dialing 300 from you EazzyPay Till or 0763 000 300

No. Once the SIM card has been provisioned successfully, the merchant details cannot be edited without authorization.

An Equity Bank Account can only have one Primary Till linked. However business can have several outlets under the Primary Till, each with its own SIM card and several assistants within each outlet, each with his/her own SIM card – as per business requirements.

  • The applicant must have a running business
  • The applicant must maintain a collection account with Equity bank.
  • The applicant must fill in and sign the EazzyPay merchant application form.
  • The applicant must read and accept the EazzyPay terms and conditions.
  • The applicant must Furnish the bank with all the documents as required for EazzyPay registration purposes.
  • Enter the amount for the purchase of Goods & Services


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